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Number: 3585
Category: Flatbed die-cutter
Manufacturer: IMG Brausse
Model: 1050 SE
Built: 2006
Size: 105 x 75 cm
Status: In production
Test: By prior appointment agreement possible
Location: Germany
Availability: Directly
Machine:Automatic punching and creasing machine with stripping station
Model:- Brausse 1050 SE
Control:- NON-STOP feeder with automatic stack plate lifting
- 4 Separating and towing suckers
- Side mark to BS and AS changeable to pulling and bump operation
- Sheet synchronizing device between feeder and machine
- Patented turbo blast system
- Exactly adjustable side air nozzle
- Electric double sheet control
- 4 electronic front lay controls
- Electronic side lay control
- Foreign object control in the feeder
- Pre-stacking unit in front of the feeder
- Safety devices
Format:- Sheet format max. = 1.050 x 750 mm
- Sheet format min. = 400 x 350 mm
Gripper margin:- 8 to 9.5 mm
Punching area:- Net punching area = 1.040 x 720 mm
Punching frame: - Internal dimensions = 1.080 x 745 mm
Punch plate:- 1.080 x 736 mm
Cutting strength:- max. 300 t
Stripping station:- Triple movement of the upper and lower break-out tools
- Upper movement can be switched on and off electrically
- Upper and lower frames removable
- Mechanical disengagement of the lower break-out tool
Materials:- Paper (depending on material quality), min. 80 - 90 g / m
- Cardboard (depending on the material quality), up to 1,600 g / m
- Corrugated cardboard up to 4 mm (bow curvature max. 4%)
Equipment:- A 5 mm hardened punching plate (HRC45)
- 2 punching frames
- A set of break-out tools including spring-loaded break-out pins
Delivery:- High pile NON-STOP delivery
- Automatic NON-STOP roller cloth
- Gripper edge trimming device with conveyor belt
- Paper strip inserts with counter
Air supply:- No own air supply, air supply (min. 6,5 bar) must be on site!
Condition:- As is
Speed:max. 7.500 sheets/h
Length:7.060 mm
Width:3.900 mm (5.100 mm internal platform)
Height:2.025 mm
Feeder:- 133 cm (maximum stacking height feeder incl. Pallet)
- 93 cm (maximum stacking height NON-STOP feeder incl. Pallet)
- 80 cm stacking height on the NON-STOP roller cloth
Delivery:1.100 cm max. stack height
Weight:16.500 kg
Power supply:This machine is connected to 400 V, 50 Hz.
Power input:20 KW/h
Important:Connection requirements of any power utility note!
CE mark:The machine bears the CE mark
Price: On request
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