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Number: 3590
Category: 2-color offset printing press
Manufacturer: MAN - Roland
Model: R 702 P - 3B
Built: 2006
Size: 74 x 104 cm
Perfecting: 2/0 - 1/1
Impression: ca. 140 mio.
Status: In production
Test: By prior appointment agreement possible
Location: Germany
Availability: June 2018
Machine:2-colors offset printing press - MAN - Roland
Model:- R 702 P - 3B
Type:- Perfecting machine in series construction
Sheet format:- Max. 74 x 104 cm in face print
- Max. 72 x 104 cm in face and back print
- Min. 34 x 48 cm
Perfecting system:- Automatic process changeover and format setting via PECOM
Dampening:- Roland Deltamatic film dampening units
- Ceramic duct roller
Cooling:Technotrans Equipment package - IPA for alcohol reduced printing
Feeder:- Roland - sheet feeder
- Suction tape feed table
- Automatic format adjustment of the suction head
- Pneumatic side lays
- Automatic format adjustment of the side lays
- Cardboard guide on the side lay
- Sheet arrival control for early, late sheet
- Electro-mechanical double sheet control
- Ultrasonic double sheet control
- Missing sheet control
- Foreign body rail, electronically monitored
Printing material:- Automatic printing material thickness setting
Material thickness- 0,06 - 0,6 mm face printing
Material weight:- 60 - 300 g/qm in face and back printing
- 0,06 - 0,6 mm face and back printing
Plate change:- PPL - Automated plate changing
Control:- Central control via control desk (PECOM Press Center)
Equipment:- PECOM Press Center
- RCI - ink control unit
- JobCard Reader
- PressLink
- TelePresence
- Remote adjustment for circumferential, side and misaligned register
- Double-sized printing cylinder
- Surface coated plate, blanket and impression cylinders
- Automatic ink unit wash-up device
- Automatic blanket wash-up device
Delivery:- High-pile delivery (AirGilde)
- Double-size delivery drum
- GRAFIX - Cantronic - control desk connection
- Sheet decurler
- Sheet slow-down device
- pile base plate
Speed:- max. 16.000 Sheet/h in face printing
- max. 12.000 Sheet/h in face and back printing
Condition:- As is
Power supply:This machine is connected to 400 V, 50 Hz.
Important:Connection requirements of any power utility note!
CE mark:The machine bears the CE mark
Price: On request
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