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Number: 3601
Category: Buckle-plate folding machine
Manufacturer: MBO
Model: T 52-4-2 + X-Unit
Built: 2000
Size: 52 cm
Status: In production
Test: By prior appointment agreement possible
Location: Germany
Availability: Directly
Machine:Buckle plate folding machine MBO
Feeder:- Flat pile feeder
- Vacuspeed
Feeding width:- 52 cm
Control:- MS-control
1st folding unit:T 520-1-52-4 F
Equipment:- 4 buckle plates for parallel fold
- Preset counter
- Noise abatement
2nd folding unit: T 520-2-52-4
Equipment:- 2 buckle plates for parallel fold
- Noise abatement
3rd fold unit:T 520-3-X
- Mobil knife folding unit
Delivery:MBO ASP 66-2 ME
Equipment:- Pressing device
- Mark device
Condition:- As is
Power supply:This machine is connected to 400 V, 50 Hz.
Important:Connection requirements of any power utility note!
CE mark:The machine bears the CE mark
Price: On request
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